Infinity Economics’ New Web Wallet

It’s here; the moment you’ve all been waiting for! We are excited and pleased to announce that Infinity Economics’ new Wallet has finally arrived on Saturday, September 01. 2018. This is a major release containing new features and bugfixes. This release continues our focus on the betterment of our services and your satisfaction.

The updated and optimized Web Wallet is all you wanted and everything you needed. And this is why you do not want to miss out.

Payments Are One Touch Away

Infinity Economics’ official Web Wallet makes it easy and fast to make payments and transfers of XIN coins. Adding to the existing features, IE has come up with improvements. Here are some of the biggest changes

Faster, Better, Smarter

The Wallet is now mobile optimized, meaning that transactions can be made from the comfort of your couch. In addition to its new and modern design, the updated Web Wallet has more functions and updates. The updates include Angular 5.0.0 Techstack, basic and expert switch, a SWApps section and an AT Workbench compiler.

What is Angular 5.0.0 Techstack?

The entire technology stack of the wallet was migrated from AngularJS to Angular 5.0.0. This will enable a large number of new possibilities in the future.

Angular 5.0.0 includes faster and more efficient bugfixes, ease of use, decrease in size, and increase in speed. Furthermore, the responsiveness of the wallet is being worked on intensively – the goal is for it to be able to be used by all devices. The server structure has also been expanded; a powerful infrastructure now ensures resilience and protection against attacks.

What is a basic and expert switch?

Put into simple words; the new wallet includes a switch feature that allows the user to switch between a complex and simple wallet view.

What is a SWApps section?

Useful functions have been outsourced to so-called SWApps (Smart Wallet Apps). This offers the user the opportunity to fill his wallet individually with functions. In the future, further useful SWApps will be available as options.

AT Workbench

The AT (Automated Transactions) Workbench has been equipped with a compiler. This helps simplify the writing of ATs on the chain.

The new functions and optimizations of the IE wallet make it the best wallet ever created. It is easy, fast, and comfortable. However, this update is only one of many on our roadmap – as promised.

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